Gulf Times
March of the Elephant
May 9, 2006

MARCH OF THE ELEPHANT: Central London was brought to a standstill at the weekend by the bizarre sight of an enormous wooden elephant and a 30ft puppet girl. In what must have been the countryís weirdest - and most ambitious - street theatre, the huge puppets were followed by tens of thousands of people. The lure of a mechanised elephant, the size of a three-storey house, proved irresistible as word spread of the extraordinary creature wending its way through the West End.

In Lower Regent Street, children perched on parentsí shoulders for a better look at the 45-tonne pachyderm. The puppets were five years in the making and the brainchild of Royal de Luxe, a leading French street arts company. Whether onlookers managed to follow the plot, based on Jules Verneís story The Sultanís Elephant, didnít really matter. What counted was that thousands will be able to tell their grandchildren of the day an elephant blocked central Londonís streets. Ė London Evening Standard

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