Beautiful Bubbles

Rainbow Bubbles
1 cup laundry detergent powder
1 quart warm water
liquid food coloring
plastic straws
small containers with lids
Pour water over soap and stir until dissolved. Pour mixture into containers (fill about 1/3). Add food coloring and stir. Put straw in and blow beautiful bubbles. If you blow these bubbles against a white piece of poster board you can make a beautiful art piece as well. Best for outdoor play.

Bubba Bubbles
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup liquid dish soap
1 teaspoon glycerin (get it at the drug store) or a blob of corn syrup
Mix together. Put in container. Use straws, bubble blowers, wire hoops, strawberry baskets and bubble 'til the cows come home. A paper cup with a hole poked in the bottom will make giant bubbles.

Bubble Tips & Tricks
1. Let your bubble solution sit for a couple days before you use it.
2. Make sure your bubble blower is wet.
3. Don't slosh your bubble maker in the solution. Those little bubbles you make by doing this are big bubble busters.
4. Bubbles do better in the cool, shade.

Bubbles are sticky and slick. In short they make a big mess. It is best to do your bubble magic outdoors. If you do blow bubbles indoors be careful of slick floors.

Please use these recipes responsibly. Many of them require using the stove. Some require using ingredients that might be dangerous if ingested in quantity. Parents or Caretakers supervise your children. Thanks for being responsible.


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