Puppets Help Teach English

Make puppets to exemplify the parts of speech. Make up a list of sentences with the puppet parts of speech in them. Have the kids use the puppets to read the sentences and show how the parts of speech have to work together. If they don't, communication will become chaos.
puppets teach english
For the non-readers...have them choose a "Baby Book" and adapt the story into a play and present it for the lower grades. Cross-age drama is important for the non-reader as it allows him to learn from the beginning without having to be humiliated.

Create a role playing center... with written assignments... encourage the kids to explore roles alternate to their own through their puppets.

Have a puppet play the role of an Indian child, a chain smoker, a business-person, an alcoholic, a fish in a polluted stream, an extremely shy person on a crowded street corner, an invisible man or their teacher. Together do some reading and research before the performance.

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