Math Idea Sheet

  • The metric system? Have a meter apply for a job...he has to prove that he is more qualified than the yard.

  • Have a gram tell about his much bigger his father and mother and grandparents are than much smaller his little brother and sister are...their names? Kilo, Hecta, Deca, Deci, Centi and Mili of course. Have the kids draw pictures of their families.
    Puppets Teach Math
  • Have a puppet that loves to take things apart...he can use the old pieces of pie trick...he can take one shoe from a pair...give him a feltboard...give him a bunch of blocks...have the kids write fraction-skits for other words, show them what "1/2" is the fun way.

  • Have a puppet that never gets the right answer...he may try and try...the more he thinks, the more muddled he is surprising how much kids love to show him his errors.

  • Have a puppet that is always backwards...he adds instead of subtracts...he multiplies instead of divides...he even counts backwards...have the kids point out his errors and correct them.

  • Have eleven decimeters dancing to a little is always left out because he doesn't understand the meter.

  • Drill work...have a puppet do it for you...if you are like most teachers, drill time is not the high point of you day...put a puppet on your hand...chances are you will have a grand time and the kids will learn ever so much faster.

  • Have a puppet that goes crazy every time he hears a certain number...choose your work problems so that the number is in the correct answers...whoever gets the problem right first gets the puppet for the next problem.

  • Have a puppet that always has a secret number, concept, word...he will only give the kids hints...when they figure it out, he will be approached by another puppet that will tell him a new secret.

--Ad Infinitum--

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