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Carrie Gwin's Puppet Tale


My amazing puppet story is that my two year old daughter LOVES her Legends and Lore Reindeer puppet -- and we are amazed at how much she really loves her little buddy. She received him as a Christmas present two years ago and the two have been inseparable since then. Even at 4 months, she was taken with him immediately.

As with many two year olds, there have been quite a few (and then some!) new toys introduced to her throughout the years, and there will be more in the future, however, Reindeer (that is what she calls him, he's never received a formal name from her) is always the #1 guy. In fact, we've ordered many other puppets from you -- Lady Bug, Sunny Bunny, Dragon, Dog -- but it's Reindeer that she can't go to bed at night without, nor can she get up and start the day without him. Most nights, when we go to check on her and cover her up, she has Reindeer on her arm, puppeting in her dreams. We find this incredibly cute. One night, Reindeer was on her leg, smiling from her foot. Is that cute, or what?

We love the fact that she is so taken by a puppet, something with which she can be really creative. She talks to him, plays ring around the rosy with him, and asks if he wants sips of her juice -- all the while, having him on her hand and answering her own questions. You just don't get that with the millions of stuffed animals out there. Speaking of which, my daughter has terrible allergies and I love the fact that we can pop Reindeer in the washer and he doesn't have any "stuffing" which traps all of the harmful allergens that most stuffed toys have.

I just wanted to share this with you and to thank you for making such an amazing product. I was on your website tonight, ordering two "back-up" Reindeer because her buddy is beginning to show the wear and tear, unfortunately. (I've even sewed his ears and antlers once already, to reinforce them because they were beginning to pull away. And there are spots on him that are thinning in areas.) I figured we might as well get another one into the picture and rotate them, so that we're not in the position of having to get a Reindeer FexExed to us some night when he's down to just a few threads!

Thanks to your wonderful company, that's my amazing puppet story. . .

Carrie Gwin

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